Nebraska Brewing Announces their #Cans In The Wild Photo Competition

By April 13, 2018Uncategorized

You’ve heard it before, yet it bears repeating;

Sure we could remind you about all the sciencey things that make this so, but it’s SPRING, and we want to spend our time reminiscing about our favorite reason to drink canned beers…
‘cuz you can take them oodles of places that bottles can’t go!
Take’em to the Beach, the ball game, on the boat, down the river, up a mountain, on a round of golf or just to the campground.

We know where we take our cans, but we want to see where you’all carry ’em!

Now through September share your photos of your NBC ‘Cans in the Wild’ on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, Tag Nebraska Brewing and use the hashtag #CansInTheWild.
At the end of each month, we’ll peruse all the submissions and award our favorite photo and caption with a $25 NBC gift card.

The first round of competition ends on April 30th! Don’t let the crappy spring weather deter you.
Get out and get a blizzard photo if you dare, and you might win yourself a $25 NBC gift card!
Round 2 – May 1st through May 31st
Round 3 – June 1st through June 30th
Round 4 – July 1st through July 31st
Round 5 – August 1st through August 31st
Round 6 – September 1st through September 3oth.