Nebraska Craft Brewers begin the battle of LB632 #DontKillOurCraft

By February 1, 2017PressRelease

Full Recorded Testimony of LB632 Hearing

Nebraska Craft Beer Friends

Please direct your attention to LB632, a bill introduced in the Nebraska State Legislature on January 18th, 2017.  At its heart, this bill stands to affect the craft brewing industry by stripping away rights gained under LB1105 in 2016!

— This bill is a job killer: It will curtail the expansion of the craft beer industry and impair our ability to invest in our communities, in agribusiness that supports our industry, and in manufacturing that supports our work.
— This bill was negotiated in secret without the input of industry partners and moved the goalposts established a year ago.
— This bill strips away existing rights that will likely lead to litigation against the state and impose a liability on the state coffers.

What can you do?
Contact your State Senators in support of Nebraska Craft beer.
Show your support & share the news by using the hashtag #DontKillOurCraft on your social media posts.

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Statements from Nebraska Craft Brewers & Supporting Organizations
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Events in Support of the Nebraska Craft Brewers
Lincoln Event 2/9/17
Omaha Event 2/10/17
Grand Island Event 2/10/17

Attend the hearing for LB632: Monday, Feb 13, 2017, at 1:30 in Room 1510 at the Capitol & join us for some craft beers afterward at The Happy Raven