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Meet the Brewers

What started with Paul Kavulak and Tyson Arp in the brewhouse has grown into quite the group of talented brewers.  In addition, we’ve added Mitchell Elmblad, & Andrew Barnes.  As brewers go, they tend to be incredibly passionate about their craft.  Nebraska Brewing Company is fortunate to have a team of brewers with the fire burning in their souls, the ability to know good from bad, and the book smarts to back it all up.

Paul had been homebrewing since 1992 after he and one of his buddies had a discussion about brewing beer at home. Paul began a journey that would span more than a few years and expose him to the incredible world of diversity, tastes, and other individuals that enjoyed this art as much as he did. Over the course of time, some of the beers originally created at home would improve within the NBC brewery and go on to achieve the accolades that we’d all hoped they were capable of.

Tyson has what some call a brewing affliction. He drove his original hobby so hard that it went from kitchen stovetop to brewhouse in zero to 60 fashion. Incredibly detailed, he possesses an invaluable knack for solving the most difficult brewing problems. Starting with the business right before the doors opened, Tyson has been there to see it all and now runs brewing operations for the entire sphere.

The team welcomes the opportunity to discuss their beer passions with others who share an appreciation for everything that craft beer has to offer. If you’ve got a comment or suggestion, don’t hold back – they’d love to hear from you!