A thirst quenching light lager inspired by the finer pale lagers of Mexico. Flaked Maize compliments our 2-row barley malt to help keep this beer dry and refreshing and also lends its own subtle flavor to the brew. Find something spicy to eat and put out the fire with Tacoveza!rection.

4% ABV
9 IBUs

Tap 8 Beers are Only Available to Ale Nation Members, are only on tap at the Brewpub & are in very limited availability!
These beers could be so popular once released that they are gone in just days, don’t delay.

2017 Membership Now Open!


The Ale Nation

An exclusive Craft Beer Community, but do not confuse it with your typical mug club. While points accrual is a part of the draw, ($1 spent equals 1 membership point) the goals aren’t simply to accumulate points to achieve rewards.

With your membership, you’re buying into exclusivity. The Ale Nation isn’t for everyone but even an entry-level Craft Beer drinker can get tremendous value from our program—it exists to focus on the beer but the rewards go well beyond Craft Beer alone.   Members should view the Ale Nation as an opportunity to experience and assist in the creation of new Nebraska Brewing Company Ales through an evaluation of Tap 8 beers.

Tap 8

Tap 8 is an exclusive, members-only tap within the Brewpub where small batch, short-run pilot or experimental beers are served to the Ale Nation. In return, we expect to hear your thoughts on our pilot beers. We want you to participate as a member in the evaluation and tuning of our Ales as they go through their development phases. We’ll provide the methods that you’ll use to give us the feedback we need and in return, we’ll give you member rewards & members-only events.


Building a community of craft beer advocates

If you’ve got what it takes to dig through the finer points of Craft Beer Appreciation, please ask your server for details.
Membership Opens April 2nd 2017 & is VERY LIMITED.
Annual dues when renewed/purchased in April only $74.74
Annual Dues after April 30th $100.00

2017 Prize Levels

Membership is valid at both Nebraska Brewing Company Locations

Shadow Lake Towne Center
7474 Towne Center Pkwy, Suite 101
Papillion, NE 68046

Phone: 402-934-7100

AKA – Beermuda Triangle

6946 S. 108th St. 
La Vista, NE 68128

Phone: 402-934-7988

Past Tap 8 Beer’s


Sliding Stones Scottish Ale

An exploration into a style we’ve often overlooked. This beer was inspired by some friends at the Aksarben Curling Club. Occupying a space between traditional Scottish Export and Wee Heavy, this beer has plenty of rich malt flavor but isn’t so strong that you can’t keep your stones sliding in the right direction.

6% ABV
22 IBUs


There Will Be Blood Orange Pale Ale

AA recreation of Dylan, Adam, and Murder’s award-winning homebrew recipe from the 2014 Midwest Homebrewer’s Invitational. This pale ale leans on the interplay of blood orange puree and the tropical notes of Mosaic hops to create a fruit-forward, thirst quenching pale ale.


5% ABV
33 IBUs


Lemon Basil Wit

Ale Nation member, Anne, threw us this idea and it seemed just crazy enough to give it a shot. Brewed with fresh lemon zest and flesh, as well as fresh chopped basil, this is a different spin on a traditional Wit Bier that turned out remarkable and refreshing!
4.9% ABV
15 IBU


Wort Transformation Challenge Schwarzbier

A perfectly simple example of the traditional Schwarzbier. 



Double Hopicide

Simply a Ridiculously Delicious Imperial IPA.
9.3% ABV
80 IBU


Dead Goat Pale Ale

A Traditional Pale Ale Brewed with our friends at the Original Draft House in honor of the Chicago Cubs World Series Win! A lighter version of our Cardinal Pale Ale in both alcohol and bitterness, A summer day easy drinker.
5% ABV
28 IBU 


Malt Room Excursion Brown

An exploration of one of the many malt combinations that can be used to create a brown ale. Leaving out darker chocolate style malts allowed us to lean more on medium colored malts resulting in a richer tasting beer with a slightly sweeter finish. Added complexity comes from a large but late Cascade hop addition in the kettle yielding low bitterness but significant aroma to compliment the strong maltiness of this beer.
5.1% ABV
15 IBU 


1908 Pale Ale

A classic interpretation of the pale ale style featuring Horizon and Chinook Hops. Unlike more modern, over the top pales, this beer is not dry hopped but relies on kettle additions for its hop flavor and aroma.
5.4% ABV
30 IBU 


Lazinator Doppelbock

Since we’ve been working a lot with lager yeast this year, it seemed inevitable that we should brew a doppelbock. While rich in malt flavor, this 8.3% ABV beer hides its alcohol well due to the clean fermentation. We lagered this beer a few extra weeks (mostly due to laziness) and if you have one too many you might see your sense of motivation slipping away too!
8.3% ABV
28 IBU 


Double Hopicide

It’s been quite a few years since we’ve made this Ridiculously Delicious Imperial IPA. This time we added a bit of a twist; it’s brewed with Ridiculous amounts of Citra and Cascade.
9.3% ABV
80 IBU 


Citra Cardinal

Just for fun, we’ve taken our beloved Cardinal Pale Ale which normally features Cascade hops and swapped out those hops for all Citra hops. Kinda like an old friend with a new haircut! Give it a try and let us know what you think.
6% ABV
40 IBU 


DFR Porter

This Drought and Famine Resistant (DFR) Porter recipe dates  back to the homebrew days of Tyson & Angela Arp.  We’ve adapted and revamped it into other beers along the way (Toasted Barn, Chili Vanilli, etc), but decided to bring back the original recipe for a bit of nostalgia.  A straightforward, old school dark beer to help you welcome the fall weather.

5.8% ABV
30 IBU



We were recently challenged to brew a beer inspired by the Oregon Trail and this is the result. This rather rustic, malt forward beer features crystal wheat, a dash of smoked malt, and was aged with  toasted American oak.

6.6% ABV
26 IBU


Midnight Ryed

Midnight Ryed is a somewhat twisted Schwarzbier. Adding a good portion of rye malt, which brings a certain ’grassiness’ to the beer, adds a level of complexity not usually found in this style. The aroma is both slightly chocolaty and a bit hoppy at the same time, while the finish is dry and a touch roasty, with the lingering grassiness of the rye.

4.9% ABV
24 IBU



Tyson brewed up this Imperial Stout for all the ‘sticky stout’ lovers out there! He used 75 lbs of grain in two separate mashes to make 9 gallons of beer.  (compared to Black Betty where we use around 40 lbs grain for the same amount of beer)  and only a single addition of Warrior hops to balance the sweetness of all that grain.

28 P OG
12% ABV
75 ish IBUs


Cleared Weird

Our beer Banana Bomb got the wheels turning about doing a hoppier interpretation of a Hefeweizen. For this beer we utilized a newer dwarf hop called Azacca, whose tropical aromas and flavors play amazingly well with the typical banana and clove derived from our Hefeweizen yeast.

35 IBU
5.6 ABV


2016 Wort Transformation Beer

This year we challenged Wort Transformation Challenge entrants with a Pale Ale. We took the very last entry for ourselves and simply fermented it with our house yeast to show the judges and participants just what everybody had to start with before transforming it into their own creation. This pale ale showcases more caramel malt than we generally work with and is hopped with Warrior and Centennial hops to balance out this additional sweetness.

30 IBU
5.5 ABV



Our first recipe offering from one of our brewers, Andrew Haig, brings us a departure from our regular American style brews. This English inspired ESB features Challenger and Sovereign hops from across the pond which bring a subtle fruitiness to balance against a fairly robust malt backdrop

5.9% ABV
45 IBUs



Arpsburger is our first crack at a true German-Style Pilsner Bier.   Harnessing the clean, slow fermentation of lager yeast helped coax out the subtle flavors of our malt and hops.  Expect a delicate, sweet maltiness accompanied by floral/spicy hops and a crisp bitterness to finish.  Prost!

5.0% ABV
28 IBUs

Tap 8 Beers are Only Available to Ale Nation Members & Only on tap at the Brewpub!


Early Bird Membership Party!

Sunday April 2nd | 12 to 2pm | Brewpub Location

Planning on joining or renewing an Ale Nation membership in 2017?
Then be sure to do it on opening day at the Brewpub and join our party!

Brewpub | April 2 | @ 12 to 2pm | Free

If you’ve been a member of the Ale Nation for all 10 years of our club, we’ll have a special prize for sticking with us all these years!

As with other Ale Nation Member Parties, we’ll have free apps, one free beer & you can bring a guest for only $5 (pay at the BREWPUB)

**Also, if you’re a 2016 member who’s earned their 800 point prize, we’re hoping to have them by then, so if you earned them, you can pick them up!
Lost your 800 point coupon, no worries we’ve got a list of all y’all.

Oh, and they are FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!

Christmas in July

Thursday July 28th | 5:30 to 7:30pm | Tap Room Location

Join us at the Tap Room for our Christmas in July Celebration!

We’ll be beating the heat by pretending it’s December and drinking our new special Tap 8 beer ~ UBER BETTY – the most bad ass Betty yet!

Tyson brewed up this Imperial Stout for all the ‘sticky stout’ lovers out there! He used 75 lbs of grain in two separate mashes to make 9 gallons of beer.  (compared to Black Betty where we use around 40 lbs grain for the same amount of beer)  and only a single addition of Warrior hops to balance the sweetness of all that grain.

As always, we’ll buy you your first beer, have some snacks, and you can bring a guest for only $5
Also to add a little craziness, we’ll have an Ugly Sweater contest and if you’re a gambler, bring a gag gift for our White Elephant Gift Exchange! (limit $10 value)

Get your tickets Today!

Our Official White Elephant Rules:
  • Each player brings one wrapped gift to contribute to a common pool
  • Players draw numbers to determine what order they will go in
  • The first player selects a gift from the pool and opens it & makes sure every can see the gift.
  • The following players can choose to either pick an unwrapped gift from the pool or steal a previous player’s gift. Anyone who gets their gift stolen in this way can do the same – choose a new gift or steal from someone else. * Three Swaps and the Gift is Out. If a present gets stolen three times, it’s out of the game and the person who holds it gets to walk away with it.
  • After all players have had a turn, the first player gets a chance to swap the gift he or she is holding for any other opened gift.

 Storm Chasers Ale Nation Party

May 25th @ 5:30pm 

Special Free Event just for our Ale Nation Members ~~ Due to size constraints in the George Brett Suite, we can only invite the First 18 that get their name on the list.

Interested yet?

On Wednesday May 25th, our friends at Quality Brands have graciously offered up their private room at Werner Park for the 6:35pm game against the Albuquerque Isotopes! You will be treated to some ggreat baseball and surrounded by 17 friends – Talk about an exclusive party eh?

Remember, we only have room for 18, so get in ASAP to get your name on the list!

This is limited to Ale Nation Members Only!  If you want to bring a guest, we suggest that they buy a ‘berm’ ticket for entry into the park, then we’ll coordinate their entry into the suite.

Stop by our mini-tailgate (beer only) in the Werner Parking lot at 5:30pm.

Werner Park – 12356 Ballpark Way, Papillion, NE 68046 – View Map

 Ale Nation Early Access – Fuchsian

May 5th, 2016

We love our Ale Nation, and we want to make sure you can get our newest beer releases in bottles without the hassle of the crowd during our official release day.
So we’re opening up the Taps & Bottle sales for our newest beers a day early just for YOU!

THURSDAY May 5th, 2016
Ale Nation Release of FUCHSIAN
750ml bottle | $15.99

A visually impressive and flavorful explosion that perfectly fuses the breadth and depth of Belgian Ales with the tartness and color of Hibiscus flower petals. The bright fuchsia color stands in contrast to the rich base of this Chardonnay barrel aged hoppy Belgian IPA. Unusual in its existence, and unique in its stature.

10.4% ABV
87 IBUs

Ale Nation Early Access – Sallyweiss

April 7th 2016

We love our Ale Nation, and we want to make sure you can get our newest beer releases in bottles without the hassle of the crowd during our official release day.
So we’re opening up the Taps & Bottle sales for our newest beers a day early just for YOU!
April 7th, 2016
Ale Nation Release of: SALLYWEISS
750ml bottle
Our award winning Bavarian Style-Hefeweizen, EOS, provides the basis for this Imperial Hefeweizen aged in 2nd use French Oak Chardonnay. Huge aromas of banana and clove from the yeast intertwine to create a delectable wonder.
Created to enjoy immediately!

8.2% ABV
77 IBUs

Early Bird Membership Party!

April 2nd 2016

Don’t Miss out 2016 Ale Nation Early Bird Party!

Early Bird Membership Party!
Sign up for your 2016 Membership on Opening day, and you’re invited to our Party
Brewpub | April 2 | @ 11 to 1pm | Free

As with other Ale Nation Member Parties, we’ll have free apps, one free beer & you can bring a guest for only $5 (pay at the brewpub)
Might have more raffles than Ale Nation members ☺
(must be present to win)

**Also, if you’re a 2015 member who’s earned their 800 point prize, you can pick them up on the 2nd!
Oh, and they are FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!

Remember, Early Birds get the Worms!