Our Beer

World Class in Every Glass.

With a broad and truly amazing lineup, our goal is to create craft beer of the utmost quality in every ounce we make.

Core Series

Tried and true, these beers have been around for the long haul and have become staples in Nebraskan craft beer. Beautifully crafted and consistent, time after time.

Reserve Series

The Reserve Series is what we consider to be our most exceptional and pseudo-routinely created beers from within our barrel aged program. Never forced. A creation of time and a wonderful mesh of flavors and depth.

Limited Series

Our most popular seasonal beers got pulled up to the major league: the canning line. With only one opportunity a year to get these cans, you better not miss your chance.

Inception Series

Our extremely limited edition barrel aged experiments that consist of 1 or 2 oak barrels of something we felt was worthy of the time and effort necessary to head down a lengthy path of maturation and flavor enhancements.

Seasonal Series

With so many styles of beer to be enjoyed, we couldn’t resist sharing our take on some of our favorites. A beer for every mood or time of year, each one more unique than the last.