Tap 8 Beers are Only Available to Ale Nation members & are in very limited availability! These beers could be so popular once released that they are gone in just days, don’t delay!

The Ale Nation

Ale Nation is an exclusive craft beer community, but do not confuse it with your typical mug club. While point accrual is a part of the draw, ($1 spent equals 1 membership point) the goal is not to simply accumulate points to achieve rewards.

With your membership, you’re gaining exclusivity. The Ale Nation isn’t for everyone but even the entry-level Craft Beer drinker can get tremendous value from our program—it exists to focus on the beer but the rewards go well beyond the beer.   Members should view the Ale Nation as an opportunity to experience and assist in the creation of new Nebraska Brewing Company beers through an evaluation of Tap 8 beers.

Tap 8

Tap 8 is an exclusive, members-only tap where small batch, short-run pilot or experimental beers are served to the Ale Nation. In return, we hope to hear your thoughts on our pilot beers. We want you to participate as a member in the evaluation and tuning of our beers as they go through their development phases. We’ll provide the methods that you’ll use to give us the feedback we need and in return, we’ll give you member rewards & members-only events.

Building a community of craft beer advocates

If you’ve got what it takes to dig through the finer points of Craft Beer Appreciation, please ask your bartender for details.

Annual dues when renewed/purchased in April only $74.74 (Single) or $125 (Couple)

Annual Dues after April 30th $100.00 / $175 (respectively)