HOSTED BY: Nebraska Brewing Company

Sponsored By:
Patriot Homebrew Supply
Midwest Hop Producers

Again this year during American Craft Beer week we’re celebrating the birthplace of America Craft beer – Homebrewing!

As many of you already know our roots are in homebrewing, and this is already year #5 for our little homebrew competition.

Here is the run down for the wort you’ll be working with….

• 85% Pale Ale
• 15% Caramel 10 L
• Warrior @ 60 minutes for 14 IBU (~.25 oz/5 gallons)
• Centennial @ 20 minutes for 16 IBU (~.75 oz/5 gallons)
• 13.6 Plato or 1.055 OG
• 30 IBU (calculated with Tinseth formula)
• 6.6 SRM
• Mashed at 150 degrees

Judging Categories:
Sponsored by Patriot Homebrew Supply, Elkhorn, NE
– Traditional Pale Ale
– Fruit & Spice
– Experimental
**New This Year** – 100% Nebraska Grown Hops Category.Sponsored by Midwest Hop Producers of Platsmouth, NE.

Entry Fee: $15
Entry Limit: 2 per person
~ only 180 entries are available!

What is the Wort Transformation Challenge?
Our brewers brew up a special batch of wort, then each homebrewer brings in a container and takes 5 gallons of wort home. It is then the homebrewers job to add yeast and copious amounts of creativity to create a real brewers whim! .

This year’s registration opens on Saturday February 6th, 2016

Sign-Up Day Time-Line

  • 11am, you’ll ONLY be able to register in person* at the brewpub, but only until Noon.
    *No phone entries will be taken, and you must be present to purchase your entries at the brewpub, we will not allow others to purchase your entry for you.
  • 12:30, you’ll ONLY be able to register on-line**.
    **On-line service fees will apply.
    Remember, we’ve only got 180 entries, and this will fill up fast.Once you’ve registered, you’ll be assigned a ‘Wort Pick-up Appointment’ on Saturday March 5th, then at your scheduled time you’ll need to bring your carboy or brewing bucket into the brewery (6950 S 108th Street, La Vista) to pick up your wort.
    Then it’s up to you do your magic, bottle it and bring (or mail) a 6 pack of it back to us between May 9th and 12th 2016
    (Judging on May 14th and the Awards ceremony on May 14th)New this year – all Gold medal winners will be invited to brew a 5 gal batch of homebrew and serve it at our Great Nebraska Beer Fest, Wort Transformation Winners table!